The Prosperity Of Life Review – $8,000 Per Month Or Scam?

Chances are, you’re here checking this out because you’ve either run across it online or been introduced to the network by someone else (your sponsor). However, you arrived here at the Prosperity Of Life review, you’re wise to do your due diligence before getting into something like this.

The Prosperity of Life Network is a direct sales company founded by Shane Krider and Rachel Krider on Apr 10, 2010, in Fountain Hills, AZ. The network focuses on personal development and wealth creation.

Prosperity Of Life Overview

What do The Prosperity Of Life Network products consist of?

Their products range from the 17-Day Personal Prosperity System to Master Of Destinies- Live Events. However, be forewarned that these products range in price from $1,495 to $16,190 for live events! Yes, you read that right. I’ll go into detail on each of the products in just a little bit.

Right off the bat, they tell you that you can earn while you learn. They’ll also tell you outright that their Directors and Coaches earn almost all their income from the sales of Prosperity of Life courses and seminars.

This all sounded a little too familiar, as I’ve looked at a lot of pyramid schemes in the past. Digging a little deeper I found that the co-founder, Shane Krider was in fact co-founder of another pyramid scheme called Liberty League International. You may have heard about this one.

Liberty League was founded back in 2001 and wound up in a heap of hot water about 5 years into the business. I bet you can guess why. See below.

liberty league scam

There was also a class action suit against Liberty League International and its founders which you can read here.

Fast-forward a few years and we find that the Liberty League top earners l have left the company (one of which is the brother-in-law of one of the founders). But it gets better.

Following this, Liberty League changes its name to “Polaris Media Group” which primarily markets a course called Beyond Freedom, another high-priced personal development package for its members to peddle. All of this happened around the 2009 time frame.

Now it seems that The Prosperity Of Life Network has become the 3rd iteration of Liberty League International. You can, in fact, find that some of Prosperity of Life’s web pages incorporate the statement “Powered by Polaris”. Also, note that Prosperity Of Life was founded in 2010, right after the big shakeup in 2009.

Now, I’m not biased in this review in any way. I have never been a member of Liberty League or Polaris. I’m simply sharing what anyone with internet access can find out on their own.

I think anyone getting into a program like this, with such high-priced products, should be aware of the facts. Also, with the history behind all of this, it would seem that Prosperity of Life should be about to implode as well, given the historical time frames.

The Prosperity Of Life Review Results

The Prosperity Of Life Network

$1,495 - $16,190










  • Content Has Value


  • Extremely Overpriced
  • All The Hallmarks Of A Pyramid Scheme
  • Founder Previously Ran A Pyramid Scheme
  • Very Expensive To Promote

Prosperity Of Life Product Lineup

What are the products and do they have any value?

The 17-Day Personal Prosperity System – $1,495

breakthrough 17 day personal prosperity system

This system does contain some great information on the success mindset and limiting beliefs. It’s designed to change or transform the way you think about your reality and the role of the subconscious mind.

The system is broken out as follows:

  • The Six Higher Faculties Of Mind
  • Internal vs External Reality
  • The Sixth Sense Zone
  • Collapsing The Field
  • Love And Gratitude Compass
  • Seeing The Subliminal

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Master Of Destinies M1- Home Study – $2,855

master of destinies m1

Master Of Destinies is the primary product. It is broken up into 7 stages.

  • Know For Yourself
  • Departure
  • Decision
  • Action
  • Foundation
  • Sovereignty
  • Influence

Each of these stages is sold on of the 4 products called M1, M2, M3, and M7.

This first phase home-study course contains the following stages:

  • Know For Yourself
  • Departure
  • Decision
  • Action

M1 is a 12-month curriculum that not only contains lesson plans but also contains recorded content from the following seminars.

  • M4 Foundation Live – A one-day communication workshop.
  • M2 Sovereignty Live – A three-day wealth creation class.
  • M3 Influence Live – A five-day masterclass on advanced personal development concepts.

Master Of Destinies M2 – Live Events – $9.940

sovereignty live event

M2 is all about money and wealth creation.

This 5-Day Event covers:

  • The history of money
  • How money is created
  • Prosperity mindset
  • Unlearning the myths of the Middle Class
  • Taking the leap
  • Making money work for you

According to Prosperity Of Life, many of their members attend this five-day event each year. That’s quite an investment each year. I don’t know about you, but 10 grand would buy me a nice vacation every year.

Master Of Destinies M3 – Live Events – $16,190

influence 8 day event

M3 is an advanced personal development and coaching techniques seminar.

This seminar is basically 8 days of Law Of Attraction concepts. How you bring into your life the things you focus most on. Of course, it’s all spiffed up to make it look unique to Prosperity Of Life.

Rather than listening to 8 days of this stuff, I’d recommend Googling “Law of attraction” and you’ll find a ton of information. You can also watch the entire movie “The Secret” that brought all these Law of Attraction concepts into mainstream media back in 2006. You can find it on Netflix.

I have nothing against the concepts of the law of attraction. In fact, I believe that thoughts and emotions do play a large part in producing our life experiences, as well as our subconscious thoughts. However, I think $16k for 8 days of it is a little overpriced and overkill. Although, I’m sure there is a lot of how-to training on promoting Prosperity Of Life.

Once again, they’ll tell you that “many” of their members attend this event yearly as well. So, $26k buys me a really, really, great vacation package.

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Master Of Destinies M7 – Recorded Event Content – $5,740

master of destinies recorded content

Now in total, we’ve already covered 5 seminars, 2 live and 3 recorded. Master Of Destinies M7 contains MORE recorded content from all additional M2 Sovereignty and M3 Influence seminars.

How many times can you say the same things over and over again?

This is all sold as additional education you’ll need in order to sell their (cough) products.

I’m not saying there isn’t value in this content, but I’m sure (like 100%) you can easily find all of this information for FREE on the internet.

Master Of Destinies M7 Fast Track – $7,820

m7 fast track

Master of Destinies M7 Fast Track is just a discounted product that includes the M1 and M7 recorded content. You save a whopping $775. Gee, thanks, guys.

Basically, it’s just another chance to sell you the recorded content. It does not include the M2 and M3 live seminars.

There’s not much more I can say about the Fast Track. Grab your $775 discount, right!

Do The Prosperity Of Life Products Have Value?

There is value to the products, however, it’s incredibly overpriced. Your best bet is to take my advice and search online for the information yourself.

Making Money With Prosperity Of Life

First of all, you cannot sell any of the above programs without first buying them yourself. Bet that one got ya by the goober.

Also, you’ll very quickly find out that you need to pay about $50 in account setup fees and about $150/month for their online marketing system (remember Polaris).

How much can you make? Here’s the breakdown by product.

M1 – $1,828
M2 – $5,000
M3 – $8,000
M7 – $3,672
M7 Fast Track – $5,000

Keep in mind you first have to invest yourself before you can market these products and pass up the first two sales to your sponsor. You are also responsible for all advertising and marketing expenses for promoting the network.

So, yes, once your setup you can make money with Prosperity Of Life. But, its the classic Pyramid Scheme setup, because it’s just a “self-promoting system” with lots of high-priced upsells. It’s the same kind of thing that got Shane into trouble in the first place. Only now, he’s learned to be careful how he words things. See exhibit from earlier.

Nevertheless, there are people making a lot of money with this network.

Honestly though, who would feel comfortable marketing this stuff to anyone? Only those Shane can convince that it doesn’t smell like what it really is.

piles of poop

Wrapping It Up

In The Prosperity Of Life Review, we’ve uncovered what’s really going on behind the curtains. Even though Prosperity Of Life has avoided the FTC so far, it is by and large just another pyramid scheme selling over-priced information and seminars.

It will cost you an arm, leg, and your firstborn, just to get set up to sell the products, not to mention all the additional expense of promoting the products.

Rather than investing that kind of money into a pyramid scheme, why not do something respectable like Affiliate Marketing, where you can be your own boss and create REAL Passive Income.

Let me show you how you can get started doing something you’ll love and something that can bring you true financial freedom.

To YOUR Success,


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15 thoughts on “The Prosperity Of Life Review – $8,000 Per Month Or Scam?”

  1. yes, i noticed that certain things did not add up. the person whose ad i answered did not give me clear answers as to what the program content is which i found odd. i was not willing to spend $2,300 for a program i did not know anything about. they now offer a 7 day free program. well, the content may be useful for some (i finished lesson 2 of 7) but its Shane Krider and Rachel, his wife, talking for 1.5 hours per session on stuff that could have been taught in 1/2 an hour. and it is not earth shaking. and yes, they are now in Phuket, Thailand. so thanks for your review. it was very helpful.

  2. Dear Michael,
    Thanks for researching and pointing out these huge loopholes in the Prosperity of Life system and products. I wouldn’t have thought it to be another pyramid scam. I particularly like the way you have connected it to Polaris. It’s so hidden from an untrained eye. I also believe most of what they are offering for so high prices are things (like wealth creation and making money work for us) that one can learn on their own if they are diligent enough. I like your recommendation for sustainable business.

    • Thanks Boniface. I appreciate your comment. It’s a shame so many people buy this stuff. They deplete their savings or whatever money they may have, only to fill someone else’s pockets and get nothing in return.



  3. Hello Michael, I came across POL yesterday and have just watched the videos I was sent. After watching the last one I had a few questions but before asking the person who sent me the information I decided to go online and came across your review. It was really really helpful and i don’t think a pyramid scheme is for me. Thanks for sharing 

  4. I’m always on the lookout for new programs that can bring me profits. Your review on Prosperity of Life revealed things to me that I didn’t know. For example, co-founder Shane Krider has already been involved in another scam, which doesn’t put much trust in this one. I hope as many people read this post as possible so that they do not get caught up in this scam.

  5. Hello. Thanks a lot for summarizing such an amazing review about The Prosperity Of Life and explanation given.

    Reading the advantages and disadvantages I can say it is exaggerated and extremely overpriced. Reading your article I realize that it is not a very good way to make money with Prosperity Of Life. I have seen that you recommend Wealthy Affiliate and I can say with confidence that this platform is a legal one and the only one that helps you to earn money online. I have found success here and now I can say that I am ready to become a successful entrepreneur. For anyone who wants to make money online I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

  6. I got to give credit to the Kriders for their powers of persuasion. If someone can afford courses and seminars costing thousands of dollars, I question why do they need to learn how to make money? They already know how to in order to pay these exorbitant fees. 

    Perhaps they market these to wealthy individuals to make them feel good attending these seminars. People who really need to learn how to build wealth usually have little of nothing to invest. 

    I am surprised that they have been able to get away with their latest scam, Prosperity of Life for so long. 

    Thanks for this alert.


    • Hi Edwin,

      Thanks for commenting. Yes, Shane is very good at what he does, unfortunately. I think the only reason POL has gotten away from it thus far is he’s been careful to avoid stating blatant, misleading statements. He’s probably got a few other tricks up his sleeve as for those that do complain.

      I did not mention it in the review, but both he and his wife reside in Thailand. Far away from those who might come after him. It’s also where he hosts his seminars.



  7. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your review on Prosperity of life and find it very useful for everyone. While reading I know that we have nothing against the concepts of the law of attraction. In fact, we believe that thoughts and emotions do play a large part in producing our life experiences, as well as our subconscious thoughts. Now I am applying it in my affiliate business and getting awesome results. Thanks for your perfect review.

  8. When I first came across prosperity of life, I was instantly hooked by the claims i saw. Though I still felt the need to do my further due diligence and find out if it would be an ideal solution for me, my mind was pretty much made up. I have to say, you’ve done well by putting this review together, it certainly simplifies the process of making a decision. On that note, I’m truly glad I decided to research before taking the plunge. Thanks so much.


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