What Is MyLeadGenSecret | Get The Facts Before You Buy

If there’s one thing that everyone needs for their business, it’s leads! Without them, you don’t get sales.

Let’s face it, leads can be expensive. You are either going to generate them yourself by creating a website that draws in leads into your own funnel, or you’re going to pay for them. The first option takes time and the second option, well, can be costly.

This brings me to MyLeadGenSecret. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about these guys. They claim to give you 100 to 200 per day at a cost of $30 per month! If you know anything about buying leads online, this is incredibly cheap! At 6,000 leads per month for $30, you’re looking at about $.005 per lead!

These leads are primarily people who have expressed an interest in an online business, so they’re MMO leads. However, I have seen some people saying they are having some success with these in health-related markets.

At any rate, I could not resist signing up to find out what this was all about. So what is MyLeadGenSecret? Let’s dive in and find out.

Quick Overview – What Is MyLeadGenSecret?

jim harmon
  • Creator: Jim Harmon
  • Website: myleadgensecret.com
  • Cost: $60 to sign up then $30 per month
  • Upsells: 30 DFY Email swipes for $30
  • Support: Facebook private group.

Jim Harmon is the creator of MyLeadGenSecret (MLGS). He seems to be very familiar with the online business industry. This is the same guy you see in the video on the website.

With MLGS you’ll get either 100 or 200 leads per day, like clockwork. You start off with 100 leads until you make your first referral then it increases to 200 leads per day. So far so good. You are limited to sending 1 email per 24 hour period using their built-in mailing system.

Your leads are yours to do with as you please. You can download all lead information including email, first name, last name, date received, lead partner, IP address, and more.

The MLGS system includes:

  • Your daily leads
  • A mailing system
  • Mail statistics, including opens, clicks, open rate %, and CTR %.
  • Affiliate program that pays 5 levels deep.
    • Level 1: $5/month
    • Level 2: $4/month
    • Level 3: $3/month
    • Level 4: $2/month
    • Level 5: $1/month
  • A leads page where you can see and download your leads.
  • And a master email swipes page (if you purchased that upsell)

That’s the system in a nutshell. It’s a straightforward, easy-to-use platform. You don’t need any technical skills other than copying/pasting email swipes and writing enticing emails (more on that below).

Review Results


$60 Sign Up/$30 Per Month










  • Very Low Entry Price
  • Full Featured Mailer
  • 100 to 200 Leads Per Day!
  • Complete Stats
  • Great Support Group


  • Shared Leads
  • Stats Don't Allow Download of Assoc Emails

Can You Make Money With MyLeadGenSecret?

myleadgensecret logo

The short answer is YES. You can make money with MLGS by either by promoting MLGS itself or promoting your own affiliate products. From what I’ve seen, MLGS leads respond well to ClickBank products and Network Marketing products.

If you’ve been involved with Network Marketing before, you know that finding leads can be difficult. So marketing a lead generation package such as MLGS to the Network Marketing crowd is a good angle.

The MLGS mailer will allow you to create HTML emails complete with a graphics library. So you can create a nice-looking email of your own to send to your leads.

One you have to remember when emailing your leads is that they won’t know who you are. So, you’re going to have to warm them up before they’re going to trust you enough to buy. Keep this in mind when sending your emails.

Results Of My Testing

After I started with MLGS I did run two different tests. The mailer will allow you to send from the generic “myleadgensecret” email account or a customized email address like “YourName@myleadgensecret.com”.

With the generic email account, I did nothing but send MLGS promotions. And with the custom email account, I wrote my own emails to “warm” them up. What I found was that the ones who used a “warm-up” technique bought the MLGS membership more consistently than those I just sent MLGS promo emails to. The latter were more hit-and-miss.

So there is something to be said about how you choose to contact your leads. If you just copy and paste DFY emails without any edits, your progress will be slower.

Here’s look at my stats and you can see the variation in the results using the two methods.

myleadgentsecret stats

What Can You Do With Your Leads

myleadgensecret leads

As you can see from the view above from my “Leads” page, you can view and download each day’s leads. Your leads will look like the image below. You can view download them by day, a selection of days, or all leads. The output is in a standard CSV (comma delimited file).

myleadgensecret leads

Your leads are yours to keep. You can do anything with them you like. You can continue to mail them within the MLGS mailing system, or you can download them into your own autoresponder or mailing system.

A Word Of Caution

Do NOT try to import your MLGS leads into autoresponder services like AWeber, MailChimp, etc. They don’t allow it, so don’t try.

If you want to mail your leads outside of MLGS, I would recommend using Mailwizz or Sendy with Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) or a similar mail handler. Doing it this way you can do anything you want with your leads.

If you are interested in setting up your own autoresponder, leave me a message in the comments below.

Before you import your leads into your own autoresponder as mentioned above, you need to run your leads through a cleaning service like NeverBounce which will remove invalid email addresses and spam traps. MLGS leads are generally pretty clean, but you will find some invalid addresses here and there.

As a test, I ran 1,000 of my leads through NeverBounce and over 92% were valid. See the results below.

neverbounce results

I was pretty pleased with the results.

Where Do Your Leads Come From?

MLGS has 10 lead partners they get leads from. Some of these are big-name marketers. The leads furnished to you have already requested information about making money online. So they are warm in that respect.

passive income

MyLeadGenSecret Statistics

MLGS does their own tracking, so you don’t want to use any of your own tracking links. If you do, you’ll get inconsistent results due to the way MLGS handles its tracking. I tested this out myself and found it to be true.

myleadgensecret stat details

Here’s a look at some of my own detailed stats and you can see that opens and clicks can run upwards of 20% for a well-written and timed email. Not too bad for $.005 per lead.

MyLeadGenSecret Support

support group

MLGS support has its own internal support for technical issues or problems with the website.

Their Facebook group is the primary how-to support for the product. It’s actually run by an MLGS member and the group has created about a dozen training modules for you to use.

The modules provide:

  • A walk thru on using the service
  • How to make your first sale online
  • Weekly lead-swap you can participate in (I highly recommend you do)
  • Hundreds of Email Swipes
  • A How-To guide to set up your own autoresponder
  • A lead funnel that automatically follows up on your leads
  • Rebrandable PDF’s (I’m not big on rebranding, but there are a couple that are worthwhile)
  • Earnings Reports
  • Traffic Methods
  • Things NOT to do
  • Paid Traffic Methods to Promote MLGS

As you can see, there is a ton of value in the Facebook group, so you’ll want to sign up for this right away.

The weekly lead swap occurs every Friday. You submit your leads for the week, the site moderator then combines the leads from all participants, cleans them using Kleen13, and then sends them out to everyone that participated in the lead swap. This is a great way to grow your list quickly. I currently have a list of over 500K names and emails, all from MLGS!

It does, however, require you to have your own autoresponder such as Mailwizz or Sendy. Having your own autoresponder is not a bad thing. I send on average 150k emails a month. Using Amazon SES my monthly bill is a whopping $10. Yes, no shit! Amazon charges just $0.10 per 1,000 emails per month. If you also host your Mail Server with Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute) you get your first 60k emails for free each month!

Plus Mailwizz and Sendy are one-time purchases. Pay a one-time $59 fee and that’s it… No monthly charge, the autoresponder is yours! The only things you pay monthly is for your mail server and email sends. Doing it all on Amazon you’re looking at about $20 per month for sending over 150,000 emails. That’s 5,000 emails a day! You CAN’T even approach that figure using AWeber, GetResponse, and the like. They will cost you $1,000’s per month.

Don’t worry about the technical side of things either. You can easily have someone set it up for you, or if you’re a bit technical, follow some detailed instructions.

Is MyLeadGenSecret A SCAM?

hippie man looking at phone

Absolutely not! You’re getting a heck of a deal for your money.

As I stated previously, you need to “warm-up” your leads. Don’t expect to just jump in and splatter promo after promo and get consistent results.

My Advice

Join the Facebook support group ASAP! There are a lot of advantages there, as well as 100’s of email swipes to get ideas from. I wouldn’t copy the swipes word for word, but rather take the ideas and put your own spin on it. Most importantly, email your leads daily.

Next, get yourself your own autoresponder and jump into the lead swap program. It’s Free! You get 1,000’s of cleaned leads every week!

While you’re waiting on that, go through the training and read up on copywriting and building a relationship using email marketing.

Then put yourself a marketing plan into place for our leads. They’re yours, use them wisely

Review Wrap Up

What is MyLeadGenSecret? Probably the cheapest leads your going to find online today. MLGS provides a great lead program with up to 200 leads per day. The platform is easy to use and gives you everything you need to start email marketing for just $30 a month.

===> Sign Up For MyLeadGenSecret Here <===

what is myleadgensecret

To YOUR Success,



Contact Info:
Text Me: 1-205-614-3005
Email Me: Michael@affiliatecash101.com
PS. Scroll down and leave me any comments or questions. I’d love to hear from you.

passive income

6 thoughts on “What Is MyLeadGenSecret | Get The Facts Before You Buy”

  1. Great program.. Great community. Pretty great results. This lead site has really been a breath of fresh air this year I must say. Thanks to mlgs I have a list of over 20K buyer leads that I get to mail 7 days a week. These leads are cold at first but do warm up quickly. Simply send them 1-2 value emails each week and don’t always ask them to buy is the key. Blessings Michael and keep up the good work!

  2. I was interested in this product but couldn’t take action to purchase it because I am not so convince of its efficiency. But after reading your reviews, it sure does increase my confidence towards this product. I can see the sales of MLGS can cover the startup and monthly cost after 3 or 4 months of using it. Do you think so this is the case?

    Will you guide me if I purchase it through you?

    Have you used MLGS to promote other products, such as Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hello,

      Yes, I have used MLGS. I have done some testing and found that if you warm up your leads you get better results marketing MLGS. I’ve also been following the support group and testing the lead swap program also. Right now I’ve gotten around 20k leads.

      As for Wealthy Affiliate promotions, I’m taking a different approach and downloading my leads into my own Autoresponder I use with Amazon SES. I have gotten some signups in the early stages of that campaign. Looking forward to getting more.

      If you want to sign up through my link I will share with you everything I’m doing. Just contact me through my contact page my website here, and we’ll go from there.



  3. Hello Michael, thank you for sharing this well detailed and comprehensive information about My Lead Gen Secret based on your research and personal experience with the system in order to help us make a well informed purchase decision. I have heard so many nice stuffs about MLGS and I am pretty excited with all I have heard so far. Although I am a newbie, I’d love to get leads as soon as I get started. This is indeed an awesome way to go about it. I’m excited with your experience.

    Kind regards!


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