Help For Laid Off Employees: Your Chance To Take Control Now!

Being laid off from your job can be very scary and a bit depressing.

However, these times in your life can be great catalysts for positive change. If you look at it as an opportunity to do something different and something better, the opportunities will start to become more obvious.

You see, I was laid off after nearly 30 years of employment with a large corporation. Downsizing was the culprit, but it was more like getting rid of the higher paid employees and keeping the low salary ones. Not very fair is it?

So, I decided to take a different path and take control of my future, and that is what inspired me to offer this help for laid-off employees, so that others, possibly even yourself, can take advantage of the huge opportunities awaiting.

We’re talking about life-changing opportunities. But I’ll warn you now, it does require work to get there and you might have to stick it out with a regular job while you build your future over the next year or so. So, not to be rude, but if you’re not into doing work to achieve a future most people dream of, then go back to what you were doing. If you’re still with me, read on.

The Changing Job Market

time for change spelled out with tiles

The changing job market is the reason people are being laid off. So yeah, duh, you might say, but hear me out. Employers are being forced to cut costs and do things cheaper and better. A lot of this is being driven by two things.

First, the massive move to online buying that’s been underway and picking up steam. People by nature, are always looking for the most convenient and fastest way to do things. We’re like lightning, taking the easiest path to ground. Instead of taking a trip to the store(s) to shop and find the best deal, you can now simply go online to Amazon, eBay, or, purchase your item and have it shipped to your door. I like it and do it all the time.

This leads to layoffs since you need fewer employees to handle a lower volume of in-store shoppers.

Second, the advances made possible by technology and the Internet. If you’ve been in any of the larger Walmart stores lately you may have seen the automated inventory robots. If you haven’t, they’re actually pretty cool. They go down the isles counting product automatically.

In addition, we have the introduction of self-checkout which is taking hold across the board. Instead of needing 20 checkout clerks at Walmart, they now only have 2 or 3. You can see how this impacts jobs.

The same thing is happening in other job markets as well. Even lawyers are losing jobs to online legal services. Who would’ve thought, right?

I say all of this not to further depress you, that’s not my goal, but to help you understand where the opportunity is. Keep reading…

Embracing Change In A Brave New World

picture of the earth

What does all this mean for people like you and me that have been laid off? It means that we need to somehow take advantage of this massive shift to online buying and high tech internet stuff.

Employment is driven by the economy and the buying habits of the people. Where are the people buying in droves? Online, at Amazon,, eBay, and tens of thousands of other places.

Folks, the opportunity is online! If you want to take control of your future and free yourself from the never-ending daily grind, you really need to understand this because this is where it’s happening.

To understand how we can fit into the bigger picture, we need to understand the online purchasing life cycle. It ain’t rocket science!

The Online Purchasing Life Cycle

When a buyer is thinking about a purchase, whether it be a new TV or baby toys, they first go to Google and search for information online. They search for the cheapest TV, the best TV, or the best toys for toddlers.

You see, instead of going to the store and looking at those TVs on the wall, or the toy store, they go to Google and find product information, reviews, and so on. How many times have you done this yourself?

This is where the opportunity is!

This is where people like us can step in and provide the buyers with the information they’re looking for. We’re not just talking about TV’s and toys though, there are millions of products out there in all sorts of categories.

Once the buyer has his or her questions answered, they typically click an affiliate link on whatever web page they happen to be reading and head off the seller’s website and make the purchase. So, if we can provide that information we can make money by being an affiliate for the product.

What is an affiliate? An affiliate is someone who simply promotes a product or service using a special affiliate link that allows you to earn a commission on the sale. This process is called Affiliate Marketing.

The Man In The Middle

hands connecting puzzle pieces

As an affiliate, you’re the man in the middle (not to be confused with the term ‘man-in-the-middle’ cyber attack). You are stepping in and providing the necessary information for the buyer to make a decision on purchasing a particular product. You are connecting the buyer to the products he or she already wants to purchase to fill a specific need or desire.

And let me tell you, there are people making thousands and tens of thousands of dollars a month doing this. It’s like the business a guy down the street who started his business in his garage, except you’re doing it online from your home office or living room.

Why You Should Be An Affiliate Marketer

Nearly all product suppliers now have affiliate programs, even Walmart for Christ’s sake! The reason they want affiliate marketers to sell their products is that it drastically reduces advertising costs. The affiliates seek them out and promote their products online essentially for free. Why wouldn’t they want to do that?

Advantages Of Affiliate Marketing (AM):

  • No product inventory to worry about.
  • No employees to worry about.
  • No worry about collecting sales tax.
  • The supplier handles the shipping.
  • The supplier handles the returns.
  • You get paid a decent commission.
  • It can be started on a shoestring budget.

You can see the many advantages you have as an affiliate marketer. It’s a no-brainer!

Here are some additional interesting facts I put together for Help for laid-off employees.

  • AM has been growing at a rate of more than 10% annually.
  • Email marketing and AM together is one of the largest sources of online income! Yes, it is.
  • The AM industry is worth 12 Billion dollars and growing (actually that’s a 2017 figure, it’s worth far more now).
  • 81% of brands rely on AM. 81%, that is HUGE.

With the massive shift to online purchasing, AM is only going to continue to grow. There is no other industry where you can basically start off with no prior knowledge, very little expense, and build yourself a lucrative online business a whole lot quicker than it took Jeff Bezos with Amazon!

Embarking On A New Adventure

man in shorts with backpack looking out over the mountains

When I was laid off, I knew I wanted more control over my life.

I wanted to:

  • Control my own destiny.
  • Be my own boss.
  • Work from home or where ever I wanted.
  • Spend more time with my family.
  • Provide a better life for my family.

Imagine not having to wake up to an alarm clock every day, strolling into your home office around 10 am, answering some emails, putting in 3 or 4 hours of work, and then spending the rest of the day with your family.

Wouldn’t that be ideal? Or if you’re more like me, some days I work a few hours after the kids go to bed and other days I help my wife homeschool our three kids, then work a few hours in the afternoon. Some days I don’t do anything. My life is totally mine. Not controlled by a boss or having to put in 60 hours a week and never seeing my family or the light of day!

The best part is, I’m still making money when I sleep, while I’m on vacation, or walking my dog. It’s what we call passive income! Which is what we’re after. Forget doing the work and only getting paid once. We want to do the work and get paid over and over again!

This is not a gimmick or get-rich-quick scheme

You’re probably thinking this sounds too good to be true. Help for laid-off employees is a scam. So let me tell you upfront that this is no get-rich-quick scheme. There is no push-button secret like you may have seen others advertise. I’ll tell you about them. They use terms like ‘Instant Success’, ’30 Days to Success’, ‘Push Button Profits’, and so on, to peak your interests and play on your emotions. Then take your money and run!

This is NOT what true Affiliate Marketing is.

As affiliate marketers, we work hard to build businesses that help people and provide value. We are not out to scam anyone into buying something they don’t want or need. No business will survive any amount of time doing unscrupulous things like that. We are building solid passive income-generating businesses. Something you can be proud of and pass on to your children.

So, no you won’t get rich overnight, it will take time and hard work. Anything of value does. You might ask, if it’s so great why isn’t everyone doing it? Well, because when they find out it takes work to achieve success and they move on to other shiny objects that just steal your money.

Still with me?

OK, how can you learn to do the same?

And no, I’m not going to pitch you a $1,000 product or a $10 product with endless upsells (I truly hate that!).

What I will do is show you the best, cheapest, most complete training you’ll find in the world. Not only that, but it’s an all-inclusive solution, meaning you don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of other stuff to get started.

With Wealthy Affiliate (WA):

  • You can try it out for FREE, risk-free, with not so much as a credit card needed.
  • Free members get a free WordPress website and the first 10 lessons of each training route free.
  • These are methods and strategies that have been proven to work over and over again.
  • The entire Step-by-Step process to making money with Affiliate Marketing is revealed.
  • The platform is All-inclusive. You get everything you need to succeed all in one place.
    • Step-by-step training
    • WordPress Web Hosting
    • Keyword & Niche Research Tools
    • Website Builder
    • A support group of over 2 million users to help you
    • Live Chat
    • Weekly live training
    • Multiple training routes
  • Monthly membership is as low as $1 per day. Their web hosting alone is worth WAY more than that.
  • And much, much, more…
You really can’t go wrong. If you are serious about creating an online business that gives you the freedom in life you desire, why would you wait?
Try it out nowYou can decide later after you’ve seen all they have to offer, whether you want to go premium or stay a free member. I can be your personal mentor, or just help you get started, whatever you’d like.

I really want to help you achieve success and build a great online business, that’s why I created this website, invested in free tools, and continue building it out with more content and information to help you succeed.

If you sign up as a free member with WA, I’ll greet you after you sign up. I’ll be happy to mentor you if you want me to, and help you get started building your business. I’m not a salesperson trying to sign you up for something else. I learned from WA myself. The WA community is my family and they are some of the greatest, most helpful, people in the world.

Wrapping Up

Yes, being laid off can be a rather uncomfortable experience, however, you can use it as a vehicle for change and this article, Help for laid-off employees, is geared towards just that.

Our time on this earth is short, too short to waste on endless days at a tiresome, fruitless J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).

It’s just you and me here. The opportunity awaiting you is incredible and it’s your choice. It’s a fork in the road. Which way will you go? Take the road less traveled? Or go back to the same old grind?

Sign up here and be part of the greatest community and training in the world, all working towards the same goal.

See you on the other side…

To YOUR Success,


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Text Me: 1-205-614-3005
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