How To Fire a Boss: Top 10 Things You Should Know

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We’ve all been there, you work your butt off for a boss or a company that doesn’t appreciate you. Some people work for years, maybe decades in this kind of situation, or maybe worse.

It makes you come home in a bad mood, overly tired, or perhaps even leads to drinking. I’ve been in that situation, and it’s not any fun at all.

This article goes over the top 10 things you should know before you learn how to fire a boss, try to get your boss fired, or fire your boss permanently and pursue your own business.

1. Leaving a Long-Time Job

woman stressed out at work

If you’ve worked for a company for a long time and your desire is to leave the company altogether, there are a number of things to consider.

  • Your Retirement: How will leaving the company you work for affect your retirement? And how close are you to retirement? If the impact is negligible, and you aren’t close to retirement then this should not be an issue
  • Your Position: If you’re in a management position with a higher salary, it may be difficult to find another job in a similar position and salary. Will you have to climb the corporate ladder again?
  • The Economy: Will the current state of the economy where you live impact your ability to find the kind of job you want?
  • Health Insurance: Do you have specific requirements for a health plan? How will changing health insurance plans affect your co-pays, prescription costs, and out-of-pocket expenses? Do you have special requirements?
  • Your Family: Is your family behind you with this type of decision?
  • A Plan: Do you have a plan for attaining another job quickly?
  • Money: Do you have enough money saved to keep you afloat for 9 to 12 months if things go south?

2. Why Do You Want To Fire Your Boss

woman holding metoo sign

First and foremost, if you’re in a situation where workplace sexual harassment is involved you should immediately contact your HR department. This could solve your problem quickly. There are other reasons you may want to pay a visit to HR such as a manager or boss being verbally abusive or other types of mistreatment in the workplace.

With HR issues aside, what is the real reason you want to fire your boss? Nail down the specific issues that are making you feel this way, there may solutions you may not have thought of. Often they are people-related and could be solved by simply transferring to a different department you have the skill for. Talk to friends outside your workplace as they may be able to offer you some advice.

Otherwise, if you simply find the job unbearable due to the pace of the work, type of work, or other emotional irritations, you may want to consider finding another job you are more suited for. Not every job is a good fit even if you have the skills

3. Improving Your Current Situation

man holding pink rose

If you’ve identified what your real reasons are for wanting to fire a boss, there may be ways to improve your current situation.

  • Positive Attitude: A positive attitude can go a long way towards improving your situation at work. It’s contagious.
  • Communication: Sit down with your manager or boss and talk to her/him about how you feel and what’s irritating you about your job. Make sure yours and their expectations match.
  • Change In Work Habits: It could be as simple as taking something off your workload. Perhaps a schedule change is in order. Try to think about you can do improve your situation and communicate with your manager or boss.
  • Job Skills: Perhaps additional job skills are needed. Sometimes you end up sort of inheriting a job that you may not have all the skills for. Consider updating your skills. Many companies have training programs that you could benefit from.

If nothing else, if you can take some action to improve your situation while you look for another job, it would be beneficial.

4. Getting Your Boss Fired

man flipping the bird at you

OK, so this is a biggie. Trying to get your boss fired.

First of all, 90% of the time you are going to lose this battle. Unless your boss is really doing something out of line that upper management can’t look the other way on, you’re going to need others backing you up. Even then it can be very difficult, and doing so may have a detrimental effect on your own career.

So this is probably something better left of HR if necessary. Otherwise, it’s probably better to seek re-assignment or transfer to another department if possible.

5. Firing Your Boss And Embracing Change

the word change in lights

If you have decided that truly firing your boss and going it alone is what you want to do, you aren’t alone. With businesses cutting corners and finding ways to do more with less, workers are finding themselves overworked and frustrated. It’s a common theme these days.

“If you do not create change, change will create you.” ~Unknown

People naturally resist change, it can illicit fear of the unknown. But change is happening constantly, all around us, we just don’t notice it. Change brings new experiences, new skills, and new ways of doing things. The fact that you are making the decision here to learn how to fire a boss is an accomplishment.

Change is easier when you are the creator of it. But still, there is that butterfly in your stomach as move into it. That’s OK though, it’s just your mind and body adapting to new life, and a new way of doing things. Change brings new insights and makes us look at things from a different perspective. All of which is positive.

When I sit down and look back at all the changes in my life, especially career changes, they have generally all been for the better. So embrace the changes happening now in your life, they are likely the beginnings of you realizing your life dreams.

6. Burning Bridges

open flame

As your making your exit from your current job into a new world of entrepreneurs it can be tempting to leave with the attitude of “I’ll show you”, or go out in a blaze of glory. However tempting it may be, don’t do anything that’s going to burn any bridges, or destroy relationships.

You just don’t know where these people may turn up again in your life and burning that bridge could have some serious side effects later on. You always want to leave on good terms.

As I’ve moved from place to place and job to job during my life, there have been several people who I have wound up again with. People that I could have left on a well, let’s say, a more sour note in the past. So you never know what circumstances will bring you and old coworkers back together again. Especially if you continue on the same industry. For me, it was information technology.

So here are some tips on making things somewhat pleasant when departing.

  • Try not to leave a bunch of loose ends or tasks left undone.
  • Organize things and document what’s needed for whoever is going to take your place.
  • Save critical files so someone else will be able to access them when you’re gone.
  • If possible, train your replacement, or provide the material they will need to know when you’re gone.

7. Making Plans

book opened to planning

As the time draws nearer for you to leave your job there are some things you should be mindful of and take care of, many of them before you have discussions with anyone about leaving your current job.

  • Go ahead and get any doctor visits, procedures, or dental visits, out of the way. That way you won’t be dealing with healthcare issues while you’re starting up your new business.
  • Make sure you have shored up your savings so have adequate funds to pay your monthly bills while your new business is starting up.
  • If you have any company equipment such as laptops, phones, etc. get any personal information you may have off of them BEFORE any discussion of your leaving takes place. They may abruptly force you to turn them over before you’ve had a chance to remove personal files and unnecessary data. Remove contacts from your company phone, delete texts where necessary, and so on. If you can, do a factory reset on your phone and computer or at least return them to the condition you got them in.
  • Clean up your company email account, again before any discussion of your leaving takes place, especially anything of a personal nature.
  • Make sure you know what financial assets need to be moved such as 401k, stocks, payouts, etc. It’s best that you know what needs to be done with any and all assets you have with the company you are leaving.
  • Make a commitment to politely reject any counteroffers that may get thrown your way. Your employer may suddenly realize what losing you means to the company and make some attracting counteroffers. These seldom work out to anyone s benefit. It’s best to simply decline and move on.

8. Giving Notice

man handing employer note

Giving two weeks notice is customary in almost all situations. There are some positions that require additional time. The main thing is that you don’t just up and leave without giving any notice at all.

If you apply to future jobs you could be viewed as a flight risk, and it may affect your ability to get another job if need be. So be nice, and give two weeks’ notice and you should be fine.

Plan your notice to coincide with your new job and/or your new business startup. Keep in mind that in the case of a new business it takes time to start making a profit, so make sure you account for this in your plans and your notice.

9. Starting Your Own Business

man opening business paper

If you’re going to be starting your own business there are a lot of things that have to be done before you’re ready for opening day.

Here’s a list of tips you must know as you move through the startup process. If you’re starting a brick and mortar type business, you’ll have a few more items to take care of such as inventory, leasing/buying office space, office furniture, and physical advertising, like signs and billboards.

  • Your legal business structure.
    • Sole Proprietor: Very simple, taxes are easily handled, but you are legally responsible.
    • LLC (Limited Liability Corporation): Also very simple, taxes pass through to the owner’s tax return, and your personal liability is protected.
    • Beyond these two simple types of legal structure, you have various types of partnerships and corporations which are much more complicated but may apply to you.
  • Business Plan: Make sure you have a real business plan. This should summarize your business start to finish. There are a number of online resources you can find to learn how to write your business plan.
  • Financial resources: Make sure all our financial resources are in place. This includes small business loans, bank loans, and personal investment.
  • Customers: Know who your customers are and where to find them.
  • Product: You’ll want to have your finished product in hand, and processes in place for filling orders.
  • Advertising: Where will you be advertising? Website traffic, Pay Per Click, Direct Advertising
  • Business Team: Everyone who has a role in your business or performs some service within your business. Be sure all team members are identified, and understand their role. This could be as simple YOU, or you may have a number of people with various roles.

There’s a lot that goes into starting a business. You can find some great free information at

10. Best Business To Start When Firing Your Boss

wealthy affiliate

If you don’t have a specific business that you’re planning on starting, but you want something versatile, scalable, and easy to start up, I suggest Affiliate Marketing.


There are nearly 4 Billion people on the internet today and many of them are buying products day in and day out. More items are being bought online today than ever before and it will only continue to grow. There are millions of products that you can market online through a simple website. There’s no inventory to worry about and no employees to worry about.

You can start an Affiliate Marketing business while you’re still working your present job. It has the advantage of being portable (can be done from anywhere with an internet connection) and it’s something that doesn’t require much cash at all to startup. We’re talking $15 for a domain name and less than $50 per month for other resources you’ll need.


You can see my article Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners that walks you through the steps of starting an Affiliate Marketing business.

You can also join me at Wealthy Affiliate where you can get the best training in the world, web hosting, domains, everything you need, and surround yourself with successful Affiliate Marketers that can help you along the way. What’s even better, you can sign up for FREE, No Credit Card Needed, get two free websites, and the first 10 lessons for free. All Risk-Free. It’s a no-brainer.

It really is the best business model when it comes to learning how to fire a boss. You can be building your future silently while still at your present job, or any job for that matter until you’re ready to fire that boss!

In Conclusion

We have reviewed various ways on how to fire your boss, and well as things you can do to improve your situation with your boss. We’ve also looked at tactics you can use to fire your boss and start your own business. There are also many things to consider before leaving your present job as well as starting your business. Planning is a very important aspect in either situation.

I hope you have found this article useful and I welcome your feedback below.

To Your Massive Success,


PS. Please leave any questions or comments below and I will be happy to get back with you.

2 thoughts on “How To Fire a Boss: Top 10 Things You Should Know”

  1. Hey there,

    First and foremost, before firing your boss (and becoming yourself’s boss), you need to have a good alternative. Building a business, an affiliate marketing business, takes time. You need to have some emergency money stashed for 2 or 3 months and/or have a side hustle income that is at least 70% of your current income. 

    In my opinion, one shouldn’t even try to fire their boss, if any of these conditions I mentioned above is not satisfied.



    • I totally agree Marios. That’s why Affiliate Marketing is so great. You can start it as a side gig while working your current job, until such time as your’re ready to start working for yourself.




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