What Is The Digital Marketing Launchpad | Full Review

Have you ever thought about the possibility of creating your own product? It seems like a challenge, to say the least. However, when it comes to creating a digital product, you might be surprised at how easy it actually is.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of work that goes into creating your own digital product. But if you have a road map that tells you exactly what steps you need to take, it makes it a lot easier.

Dave Lightbody and Heidi Anderson have launched a brand new product called “The Digital Marketing Launchpad”. This guide promises to pull the curtain back, as they say, and expose to you exactly what you can do to create your own Internet Business with your very own digital products.

So, without further delay, let’s find out, what is The Digital Marketing Launchpad?

A Quick Overview

I’ve had the pleasure of going through this product in its entirety. I have to say that Dave and Heidi have put together a solid product. Their package consists of a step-by-step process you can use to identify, research, document, and create a digital product.

The Digital Marketing Launchpad approach is simplistic but complete. It takes the topic of digital product creation from the angle that it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg to create a product. They go over free and very inexpensive methods to create written content, audio, and video content.

What’s included?

  • How to choose a niche to create a product for.
  • How to select a specific topic.
  • A step-by-step process to identify, research, document, and create a digital product.
  • How to create a written PDF type of product.
  • How to create an audio product.
  • How to create a video product.
  • Free and inexpensive tools you can use to create your products.
  • Product promotion via website, social media, and more.
  • Creating sales copy.

This is just a quick overview, so the list above is by no means complete. We’ll get into more specifics below. But, I was quite surprised at the level of detail and the completeness within the product.

Review Results

The Digital Marketing Launchpad











  • Low Entry Cost
  • Easy To Understand
  • Step-by-Step Instruction
  • Covers All Aspects Of Creating Digital Products
  • 30-Day Money-Back Gaurantee


  • Not For Visual Learners
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What Is The Digital Marketing Launchpad?

the digital marketing launchpad logo

In a nutshell. The Digital Marketing Launchpad is a complete how-to guide to creating your own digital product. It includes step-by-step instructions for not only creating your digital product but the entire process from conception to realization.

What’s unique about this product is that it’s not one of those products that tell you to come up with a good idea, then go create a PDF or video. It actually walks you through the process of finding a niche (a targeted group of people needing a solution). Then takes you through the steps of identifying the need for a product, doing the research, and actually how to create the content for your digital product.

It also goes a step further in showing you how to promote what you have created.

What is The Digital Marketing Launchpad About? Let’s take a look at the details.

Identifying A Product

I think this is one area where the product shines. A lot of people who want to create their own digital products just don’t have a good understanding of how to out what it is their customer base wants. The Digital Marketing Launchpad addresses this upfront. They even include a video to get you started.

Dave and Heidi go over the entire process you need to undertake to identify your niche market. Then they walk you through the process of identifying the kinds of problems or issues your market faces. This forms the basis of what your digital product needs to address.

Creating Your Product

Once you’ve identified what your product will consist of. Dave and Heidi take through, step-by-step, a process that you can easily follow to build your digital product. This works for eBooks, Audio, and any type of video production as well.

The process is easy to understand, concise and covers a great deal of detail for you to follow in order to lay out the groundwork for your product. They then walk you through researching the content for your product, documenting it, and how to find the core content (or solution) your digital product will provide to its customers.

Free Tools

cartoon men holding tools

As previously stated, the approach is focused on creating your digital product using free (or extremely cheap) tools.

These tools include:

  • How to create a beautiful website using Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix Website Builder.
  • Free autoresponders.
  • Free methods to create PDF files.
  • Free or very inexpensive options for creating audio.
  • Free or very inexpensive options for creating video.

I really like the level of detail and the focus they put on the expense side of things. This makes it great for newbies and those on a tight budget.

How to Make An eBook For Free

person holding an ereader

eBooks are probably one of the easiest digital products to create. They’ve been around for years and there’s no slowing down in sight for these easy to create masterpieces.

Dave and Heidi take you through the options of the various desktop software available for both Windows and MAC users. These include Open Office and Libre. Then there are also options available in the cloud such as Google Docs and Thinkfree

How To Create Audio Products

The recommendation here is to start off with Skype. Then use iFree Skype Recorder or Pamela for Skype is your on a PC. For MAC users, it’s the typical eCamm Call Recorder For Skype, although it’s only free as a 7-day trial.

In addition, you are given a lot of additional recommendations to various other audio tools you can upgrade to later if you need to, as well as free audio editing software.

How To Create Video Products

video take

This section goes through various free and paid options available to create your own screencast videos.

These include:

They also go over ways you can inexpensively record your own live video and other types of recorded video products.

One thing I thought was interesting, is that they address typical fears such as:

  • I don’t like how I look on video.
  • I’ll forget what to say.

Introducing Teleprompters. Yes, they even address the use of teleprompters. A cool invention made originally for television, but now available to the public since the explosion of online video.

And to round it out, your favorite video editors. You can’t produce a digital product video with first editing it, adding effects, removing scenes, combining video, and so on.

Added Bonuses

You get free methods for creating your own graphics, complete with free stock photo sources.

What wouldn’t be complete these days without a Webinar? Webinars have become hugely popular, but they also come with big price tags from these hosting providers. However, there is one cool free option for hosting awesome webinars, but I’m not going to let that one out of the bag here.

There’s a lot of additional bonus content in the form of tips and tricks you can use to make yourself more productive.

Product Promotion

coming soon red tag

What good is having a digital product if you don’t know how to promote it. This section consists of a myriad of ways to promote your digital product. Everything from social media to local outlets is covered here.

It still surprises how much stuff they’ve managed to cram into this product of theirs. Needless to say, this section is chock-full of ways you can get the word out about your digital products.

How To Create A Sales Page

Yep, Dave and Heidi even tell you how to create a sales page. Let’s face it, a lot of us product creators aren’t that good at creating eye-catching sales pages.

Here you’ll find:

  • How to create a good headline
  • Examples of good headlines
  • Resources for creating a good sales page
  • How to structure the body of the sales page

Overall, great information and more than I would have expected from a product showing you how to create a digital product.

Product Bonuses

  • Bonus Number 1: The Digital Marketing Launchpad Cheat-Sheet. This cheat sheet contains the links to all the tools and references in the product, all in one easy to find location.
  • Bonus Number 2: The Complete Internet Marketing Toolbox. A huge collection of free and low-cost tools you can use with your own Internet Marketing business.
  • Bonus Number 3: How To Find Profitable Niches And Top Topics For Your Product. A bonus video on how to plan and research your digital products.
  • Bonus Number 4: Five Things We Wish We Had Known When We First Started Our Digital Marketing Business. What to expect as a new digital product owner and where to get help.
  • Bonus Number 5: The Digital Marketing Launchpad Newsletter. Includes lifetime updates to the book, new tips and ideas, and what’s working in their businesses.

Who Is It for

red checkmark

Who is The Digital Marketing Launchpad for?

  • Beginners and first-time digital product creators.
  • Those on a tight budget.
  • Even those with experience can pick up some golden nuggets.

Who It’s Not for

red x

Who is this not for. Well, I honestly had a hard time with this one.

I guess I’d have to say:

  • Anyone who is a video learner vs. eBook
  • Those looking for more technical coverage.

Wrapping Up

What Is The Digital Marketing Launchpad? Is it a scam? That’s an emphatic NO!

It’s a solid product created with a fresh view on free methods to both create and promote any digital product. The content is well written and easy to understand. Heck, I think I could even do it. Its cost and complete coverage of the topic make it a good investment.

Go create some cool digital products now!

To YOUR Success,



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