Mangools Review – The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO?

As every Affiliate Marketer knows, a good keyword research tool is a must-have. In fact, it can be the Goose that lays the Golden Egg. And let’s face it, there’s only so much you can do with Google Keyword Planner.

In my search for the best keyword research tool for SEO, Mangools has come up on a few occasions. After looking at their latest updates, it appears it’s becoming a tool to be reckoned with. So, in this article, we’ll be doing a serious Mangools Review and find out what’s under the hood, and is it worth taking it for a spin.

Mangools – Who Are They?

Mangools is a newer player in the Keyword Research and SEO arena and their tools have come a long way in a short amount of time. Founded only 3 years ago in 2016, they started with a simple keyword finder tool and in just a few years have built it out into full featured 5-in-one keyword research and SEO tool, as well as a brand.

Their home is in the heart of Bratislava, Slovakia on the banks of the Danube river. Bratislava is the political, cultural and economic center of Slovakia.

Founder and CEO Peter Hrbáčik was the brainchild of KWFinder, the beginnings of what would become Mangools.

What Does Mangools Bring To The Table?

As I mentioned above, Mangools currently includes 5 keyword and SEO tools under one affordable membership.


Mangools Review Results

I won’t make you read through to the bottom to get to my review results, however, I recommend that you do as there is quite a bit of detail on their suite of tools. It’s well worth the read.

mangools seo tools review
mangools 7 day trial

Would I recommend Mangools? Yes, but I hesitate on the annual billing. You can try it out free, but functionality is somewhat limited.

I would also recommend taking a look at my No. 1 Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy.

Now for an in-depth review of Mangools!


mangools keyword finder screen

Keyword Finder gives you a wealth of information for keyword queries including:

  • Search volume
  • Estimated visits per month
  • CPC (Cost per click – Google Ads): This figure tends to vary widely depending on the tool you’re using.
  • PPC competition strength in Google
  • KD (Keyword difficulty): A figure developed by Mangools to indicate how difficult it would be to rank for this keyword. The lower the better.

You can search by keyword or by domain (a newer feature). To the right of search results, you’ll find trending data along with the current Google listings for that keyword. You also have the ability to analyze these results and get more detailed information.

Overall, I find the KWFinder tool screen very useful with good insightful data all on one screen. As for the quality of the results, it gives you, in practice, it seems to more accurate for lower volume searches, which is what most of us look for anyway.


mangools serpchecker

SERPChecker gives you 45 different pieces of information for the top search listings for your selected keyword. Here you can see what’s going on with your competition. The really useful SEO metrics such as DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), Links, and RD (Referring Domains), are listed here for every page ranking for your selected keyword.

You can also filter your results at the top by selecting the country and desktop/mobile selection.

If you look at circled options above you’ll notice these extra buttons. What I really like in addition to the primary results is that you click these buttons and see “What people are also asking”, “Trending topics”, and “Featured snippets”. This is very useful when you’re doing your keyword research as it gives that extra bit of information you need to better narrow your focus to find some really good keywords.

Usually, acquiring this additional bit of information requires some extra work. So I really like seeing this information added right here on this screen.

So once again, a very useful tool and nicely laid out, usable screen.


mangools serpwatcher

One of the things we all like to know is where our websites and articles are ranking in the search engines for our selected keywords. That’s what SERPWatcher is all about.

Here you can see where you are ranking for your keywords, whether it’s trending up or down, average position, and best position.

You can track anywhere from 200 to 1,500 keywords daily, depending on your membership level. I find this to be a really great tool, and very useful.

If you’re a spreadsheet or database nerd like me, you’ll like the export feature which allows you to export the current data where you can then do with it as you please. You’ll also notice there is a date selection box at the top, as well as a sharing button to send the results to any email address.

If you’re working within a team, or need to generate weekly or monthly reports, you can do this via the reports button. You can also set custom alerts as well.

Once again, SERPWatcher is a wonderful tool for tracking your keywords. The only downside I can see here is the limitation on how many keywords you can track, which is dependent on your membership level. Could this be classified as one of the best keyword research tool for SEO? Let’s continue.



When you really want to check out your competition you want to know what websites are linking to their blog or article. This is what LinkMiner does. And it does it in an elegant way. There is a slew of filtering options you can use to display the links you really want to know about.

Just enter your competitors URL, select your options, and you’ll get a detailed listing of each backlink. Select a link, and the linking page will be displayed in the right-hand pane.

Another really neat feature is the “Anchor Text” button in the upper right. Click that, and it will go straight to the link on the web page. So you can not only see the linking website, but a quick click goes straight to the hyperlink. No more searching the site to find the links!


mangools siteprofiler

What good are backlinks without knowing whether they are junk or not? Backlinks can be good and bad. Just because a site has a lot of backlinks doesn’t mean they are any good. Google will actually penalize you for having trashy backlinks. Backlinks that are from low domain authority sites.

Gone are the days when you could buy a ton of backlinks. Google has gotten a lot smarter over the years.

This is what SiteProfiler is all about. It’s a handy dandy tool that takes you right to the data you want to see about the backlink. I’d rather have a few good quality backlinks than a slew of links from low DA sites or pages.

Mangools Browser Extension

mangools browser extension

Mangools has also created a nice little web browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. Why bother with opening the Mangools tool manually to get a quick check on domain authority? Just click on the handy browser extension and see the data right on the page you’re looking at.

  • Great for a quick check of the overall website authority
  • Popularity trend charts for any domain or URL
  • A handy shortcut for deep website analysis in SiteProfiler

Just another example of how Mangools is innovating keyword research and SEO.


Yes, I leave the best part for last. You’d think a 5 in 1 tool like this would start at around $99 per month.

As of the date of this article, this is what Mangools cost.

At less than a dollar a day it’s a steal for the Basic plan, and the Premium plan at just $10 more is well worth it.

mangools pricing


Overall, my experience with Mangools has been very positive. I have a little bit of a problem with the data shown for higher search volume keywords, as it doesn’t mesh with what I see when manually looking at the data. Aside from that, the features are great.

The team at Mangools has put together some solid tools. They are responsive, convenient, and very well-thought-out. I especially like the SERPWatcher tool, but the number of keywords you can track daily may be an issue for some.

As for being the best keyword research tool for SEO, the two biggest downsides I can see at this point are the historical data limitations (being only a few years old) and the lack of a monthly payment option. The latter could be a deal-breaker for some. I can understand being the new guy on the block they want to get some solid, long term, membership commitments, but that could come at a cost as well.

How Does Mangools Stack Up Against My No.1 Rated Product?

mangools vs jaaxy

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  1. Don’t see INK in this post but it’s our newest productivity booster: I have absolutely no idea when it comes to content optimization or even what SERP really is and this tool is the first app with AI assistance that I’ve seen that helps me with this super important part of drafting posts in addition to spelling and tone, etc.. Something like this is for sure what I want in this day and age


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