Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or For Real?

With all the scams that have been uncovered out there on the ol internet, it’s very prudent to research anything in the make money online marketplace. I know many people who have lost a lot of money to scammers promising riches.

Affiliate Marketing in and of itself is not a scam for sure. However, there are a lot of dishonest people who take advantage of people’s emotions, needs and wants, by advertising get-rich-quick schemes and the latest and greatest product that you just must have to make money online easily.

It’s a shame, but it’s true. But there is something we can do about it, we can educate and inform people about what’s good and what’s not. So let’s get down to it. Is Wealthy Affiliate a SCAM or for real?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

wa starter membership

Before we get into what Wealthy Affiliate is, let’s talk about scams and how to identify them.

  • How long has the company been around? A scam program will likely not have been around very long.
  • Who’s really behind the company? Are they real? Many scams use fake names and you won’t find much information out there that proves they really exist.
  • Are they promising instant success? A big red flag. There is no such thing (unless you win the lottery). They are playing on your emotions.
  • Is there a real product behind the claims? Pyramid schemes many times have no real product. Their focus is to bring more people into the scheme to fund it before it eventually collapses.
  • Upsells. Another big red flag. If it’s something you can join for cheap, but then you get hit with upsells telling that you can get there faster with this upsell or that upsell that eventually gets into the thousands of dollars, RUN. This is a scheme that drains people’s bank accounts fast. By the time your done with the upsells you’ll still be back at square one wondering what happened.
  • Lastly, what do others say about it? Check the BBB and look for other reviews of the product. Many times this will uncover a lot of information that it may be a scam.

Now you know what most scams look like, so let’s look at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for way over a decade. The company is owned by and founded by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim. Yes, that is their real names, and they are active within the platform. That’s a plus, as you won’t find real people associated with many scam websites.

At the core of Wealthy Affiliate is a 1.4 Million member community and enormous training library. They started out as a forum type community and have evolved into an interactive group of people with a pay it forward mentality. The primary website has personal blogs (which rank highly in Google) for everyone which you can use to your advantage. Another big plus.

They also have a Starter Membership program that is basically a try-before-you-buy type setup. No credit card is required to become a free member, and you get two free Site Rubix websites to boot. I love this about Wealthy Affiliate. You won’t find many platforms like this that will basically give you access to try almost everything within the program for free, with no risk. There are some limitations, but you get access to enough information and training in order to make an informed decision. So that’s 3 stars so far.

The membership costs as little as $29/mo. if you take advantage of the annual plan, otherwise it’s $49/mo. And for that price, everything is included. There aren’t any upsells in order to take advantage of all the benefits you get from being a premium member, so that’s 4 stars!

Here’s a short list of what you get for your premium membership.

  • Access to ALL the training which includes an online entrepreneur certification and the WA Bootcamp. You can get full details on the Bootcamp here.
  • Free WordPress managed web hosting for 25 websites you own and 25 free Site Rubix websites. That’s 50 total.
  • Access to Jaaxy Lite, a complete keyword research tool. Upgrades are available for Jaaxy, but not necessary to take advantage of everything Wealthy Affiliate Offers.
  • An online Content writing platform that publishes straight to your WordPress website. Includes Spell/Grammar check.
  • Live weekly webinars.
  • Live Chat
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Access to a complete help center to ask questions and experienced Affiliate Marketers that are already successful, and a whole lot more.

Check out my full Wealthy Affiliate Review here for more detailed information on the entire platform.

In a nutshell that’s what Wealthy Affiliate is.

Can You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

box of one hundred dollar bills

The question of the hour is, can you make money with Wealthy Affiliate? The answer is a resounding YES! Now, don’t get me wrong, it does require work like anything else. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Frankly, that just doesn’t exist. A lot of sly dishonest marketers would like you to think that so that they can peddle their wares to you!

Wealthy Affiliate training is a solid training platform you can implement to make money in the Affiliate Marketing industry. The focus needs to be on following the training. Don’t implement a part of the training then skip to the end, it doesn’t work that way. You’ve got to build your business from the ground up, so taking shortcuts will only result in making things harder for yourself.

Their Affiliate Marketing training is a proven process that works and has worked over and over again. When things change, or when Google implements changes, as they often do, the guys at Wealthy Affiliate are right on top of it, communicating the latest changes, how they affect you, and how to deal with it so your business doesn’t falter.

This platform literally gives you everything you need to succeed. Training is constantly being added, typically on a daily basis. If you can’t find the answer to something all you have to do is shout out to the community with a question, or hop into chat and you’ll get the answer swiftly.

So I don’t know about you, but WA gets 5 out of 5 stars from me. You simply won’t find anything better, anywhere.

Is Wealthy Affiliate For Real?

image of cash and a checkbook

I know what you’re saying… C’mon you can’t be serious, nothing is that good. And you’re right, it’s not that good, it’s much better than that, it’s great.

Where else can you get access to all the tools you need, the support of like-minded individuals, and training that’s top-notch? I mention this quote a lot, and I’m not sure who made it, but here it is:

“If you want to make a million dollars, surround yourself with people that make millions of dollars and do what they do.”

To me, that makes a lot of sense. If you surround yourself with the don’t knows or negative people, they will discourage you and tell you-you’re wasting your time or whatever. That’s what so great about Wealthy Affiliate. You are surrounding yourself with successful Affiliate Marketers and others who are seeking the same thing as you, and you can learn from that. You can ask the successful ones what works, they’ve been there, they know. And you can see what’s working for others around you.

So yes, Wealthy Affiliate is for real.

Getting Started With Wealthy Affiliate

wealthy affiliate get started here

Have I answered the question: Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or for real? I certainly hope so. At the beginning of this post, I said we could educate people about what works and what doesn’t in order to avoid money-making scams. I hope that I’ve accomplished that. I’d sure hate to see you leave here still wondering is Wealthy Affiliate is a scam!

As I said earlier, it’s easy to get started with Wealthy Affiliate. You can sign up for a Starter Membership, No Credit Card Needed. Get two free Site Rubix websites and 7 days to check out everything. If you sign up within the first 7 days I’ll get you 60% off your first month, so it will only run you $19 for your first month. And don’t worry, there’s no monthly commitment. Cancel anytime, although I can’t imagine why you would.

I will also greet you after you sign up for your Starter Membership and I’ll be part of your personal network and will help you get started. You can also feel free to call on me anytime you need help.

So there you have it. Getting started is easy. If you are serious about making money online let’s get started! No time like the present.

red signup button

I also have a lot of resources right here on this website that is free to use.

Wrapping Up

So, is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or for real? Heck yeah, it’s the real deal!

I’ve covered a lot of information about how to identify scams, what they are, and how they work. We’ve also stood Wealthy Affiliate up against that list and I think they come shining through as the real thing.

I can also tell you from personal experience that they are 100% the real thing. I was actually a part of Wealthy Affiliate back in the early days, then rejoined again later on. So I can tell you firsthand how much they have progressed over time and consistently work to make the platform better. I couldn’t be happier to be part of such a great community of individuals.

I hope to see you there soon also.

To your massive success,


PS. Please leave comments or questions below. I’d love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or For Real?”

  1. A no messing nuts and bolts review of what has to be classed as the one of the front runners of Affiliate Marketing. Your write up should leave no one in any doubt that Wealthy Affiliate is a ‘bona-fide’ platform that has integrity and longevity. Like you said, most ‘scams’ will be here today and gone tomorrow. WA has stood the test of time. How have they done that ? I would imagine by moving with the times and keeping abreast of all the new innovations in the online world. ‘Shiny Objects’ unfortunately are part of the internet world and again you have it right with the fact that they play on your emotions. Luring you into thinking that with just a small outlay you will be earning thousands overnight. Blatant untruth. Being able to test out a program or platform is one of the best ways to fully understand exactly what it is you’re getting for your money. Let’s face it, for $19 you get to try out everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer for five weeks. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

    • Hi,

      Yes, it’s a deal you can’t beat. Wish I could’ve tried out my last car that

      Thanks for the kind words,


  2. Hello Michael, this Isa really good review. I was also one on the lookout for reviews to see if wealthy affiliate was real or not and I was happy to get in the business. Although I joined a few days ago and I’ve started my training, I see many reasons now why I need to put in more effort… So far, the community has been helpful and they answer questions on issues I’m not clear about. Generally I can attest to the fact that wealthy affiliate is real and they help people in every possible way to make money online… It’s perfect!… Great review… Awesome

  3. Hi Michael,

    I found your post so helpful. I am a newbie of WA. Recently I finished my site comments part. But still now I have a confusion about it. I confused about it’s scamming. But by reading your post I realised that wealthy affiliate marketing business not a scam. I think it is a best platform for everyone. Would you please clear me that is wealthy affiliate marketing as like as MLM?

    Thanks a lot for your important and informative post. I will share your post to others☺️

    • Hi Snigdha,

      Thanks for stopping by. WA is not MLM, what is taught here is real Affiliate Marketing. How to do it the right way, by helping people, and building a business brand.

      Wish you much success,



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